Digital Advertising

We bring you new clients

If you want to find new clients, advertising is not optional.

We test everything

Our motto – Never Make Assumptions. We test every data point we can to separate the fact from the fiction.

We continually optimize

If you’re not optimizing, you’re wasting your time and money. Effective advertising includes a strategic understanding of data and the right pair of hands to use it. At Bellwether, we identify trends with statistical significance and let our strategy evolve accordingly.

Facebook Ad
Management & Optimization

What is Included

  • Custom Facebook Ad design
  • Facebook campaign management
  • Landing page creation
  • Intensive optimization to drive down price per lead and increase quality
  • Detailed audience research and development
  • Dedicated account manager that will be your point of contact and is in is in charge of the team that runs and creates your campaigns


  • A starting ad spend of at least $10/day starting
  • Call the leads you receive as soon as possible


Asset Management





Disclaimer: The above are representations of past campaigns over different periods of time , geographic locations, and types of offerings. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your point of contact

Several years ago I spent nearly 30k on marketing for my financial advisory practice and was overwhelmed with ‘homework’ to the point we never launched a campaign. This learning experience is the main reason we were forced to learn marketing ourselves. In the end we are grateful for the way things turned out because now we are able to provide others in the industry with a service that matches their business.

One of the main solutions we addressed was making sure our clients receive a dedicated account manager. Someone who is there to listen to you and understand exactly what you are looking for in a timely manner. From there they work on your behalf to build out your website and marketing.

The only time you hear from them will be through email to receive approval and feedback on the work they have done for you. Once you give your approval they then launch said material.

We encourage you to utilize your account manager as your own marketing team or to work directly with your own in-house marketing team.