Sales Automation

We maximize your sales

After understanding your goals, habits and current finances, we’ll recommend strategies tailored to your specific needs.

We organize your workflow

Investing is where we excel – it’s kind of our thing. Our software allows us to execute complex strategies quickly and more frequently than a person ever could.

We automate the rest

Investing is where we excel – it’s kind of our thing. Our software allows us to execute complex strategies quickly and more frequently than a person ever could.

ANinja Contact Management & Automation

Our ANinja contact relationship software is specially designed by us to work seamlessly with Facebook and your other marketing campaigns. Help maximize lead conversion, client engagement, and retention, with this unbeatable sales automation tool.


  • Consulting to setup Aninja
  • Uploading previously acquired leads
  • Setup of email and text automation
  • Integration with Facebook Ads
  • Integration with your email
  • Integration with your website contact form
  • Technical support
ANinja Features

Say goodbye to the days of manually typing leads into your CRM

As leads come in from your website and facebook ads they automatically populate in your ANinja contact management account. Once they populate in your account the software then goes out into the web and pulls back all relevant links associated with that new lead including their social media photos.

Automated text & email follow up

Once a new lead is entered into your ANinja account the automation begins. Depending on where a new lead comes from – a specific text and email is sent to that new prospect. Once a new lead responds to one of these messages our AI system will intelligently send a response that moves them in a pre-determined direction.

For all of your leads that are not closed initially, they can be entered into a lead nurturing campaign. From there – our AI software will regularly follow up with old leads through text and email.

Call, text, and email manually from your ANinja account

Instantly view a snapshot of your businesses pipeline and sales activity

View the exact number of leads in the pipeline and where they are in the sales process.

View sales activity for the entire organization or by user.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your point of contact

Several years ago I spent nearly 30k on marketing for my financial advisory practice and was overwhelmed with ‘homework’ to the point we never launched a campaign. This learning experience is the main reason we were forced to learn marketing ourselves. In the end we are grateful for the way things turned out because now we are able to provide others in the industry with a service that matches their business.

One of the main solutions we addressed was making sure our clients receive a dedicated account manager. Someone who is there to listen to you and understand exactly what you are looking for in a timely manner. From there they work on your behalf to build out your website and marketing.

The only time you hear from them will be through email to receive approval and feedback on the work they have done for you. Once you give your approval they then launch said material.

We encourage you to utilize your account manager as your own marketing team or to work directly with your own in-house marketing team.