What Exactly Does Bellwether Do?

Bellwether Digital offers industry-specific web-design, data-driven digital advertising & automated lead nurturing for Financial Services.

They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together.

Web Design

We design websites that inspire trust, convert visitors into prospects and that are optimized for search engines.

Digital Advertising

Our certified team of digital advertisers design and optimize advertising on Facebook, Google Adwords & LinkedIn.

Sales Automation

Our unbeatable sales automation tool is specially designed to maximize lead conversion, client engagement, and retention.

Web Design

Design is where we excel – it’s kind of our thing. It’s important that your website paints the right picture of your business. Our websites are built to inspire confidence and trust.
Without investing in SEO, your website is little more than a digital business card. We optimize your site for search engines to drive traffic that lead to conversions.
As a business owner, your time is valuable. Leave the stress of site updates and integrations our 24/7 support team – you’re in good hands.

Digital Advertising

If you want to find new clients, advertising is not optional.
Our motto – Never Make Assumptions. We test every data point we can to separate the fact from the fiction.
If you’re not optimizing, you’re wasting your time and money. Effective advertising includes a strategic understanding of data and the right pair of hands to use it. At Bellwether, we identify trends with statistical significance and let our strategy evolve accordingly.

Sales Automation

After understanding your goals, habits and current finances, we’ll recommend strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Investing is where we excel – it’s kind of our thing. Our software allows us to execute complex strategies quickly and more frequently than a person ever could.

Investing is where we excel – it’s kind of our thing. Our software allows us to execute complex strategies quickly and more frequently than a person ever could.

Financial Services



Blake // Blake@ppl-labs.com // 617-917-5371

Finding the Right Fit.

We help our clients adopt & implement marketing strategies that fit their needs and maximize their return on investment. PPL leverages it’s deep understanding of the financial services industry and marketing expertise to ensure a running start that matches your short and long term objectives.

“Our monthly traffic

increased by 135%”

CEO @Beck Bode Wealth Management

Existing PPL-Labs Client

What Exactly Does PPL Do?

Website Creation, search engine optimization (SEO), & management

Facebook Ad Management & optimization

Integration of our contact management tool with your new & existing systems

Provides dedicated account managers who act as your external marketing 

team at a fraction of the cost


1. Your Goals

PPL-Labs works with large agencies and individuals in the Financial Services field. You may be trying to fill your own schedule, expand your firm or even looking to add multiple locations. Regardless of the goal, we know exactly what tactics to apply to your plan.

2. Your Current Approach

Are you utilizing all your free tools? Have you plateaued with a certain marketing plan? Maybe you have a great approach but need experts to sharpen all the details. We start with marketing tools with the best return on investment and work down the totem pole.

3. Your Budget

We take into account what value you are comfortable with and apply the best plan for your continued growth and success.

Facebook Ad

Management &


What is Included

  • Custom Facebook Ad design
  • Facebook campaign management
  • Landing page creation
  • Intensive optimization to drive down price per lead and increase quality
  • Detailed audience research and development
  • Dedicated account manager that will be your point of contact and is in is in charge of the team that runs and creates your campaigns


  • A starting ad spend of at least $10/day starting
  • Call the leads you receive as soon as possible


Asset Management





Disclaimer: The above are representations of past campaigns over different periods of time ,
geographic locations, and types of offerings. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Website Creation,

Optimization, &


STOP Losing clients to competition

Our Financial Services client websites are arguably the best in the industry. Accurately designed to portray your concise message and convert visitors into clients. Included with the build out of your website is our proven SEO offering with on-site strategy that drives visitors to your site from Google organically. We also include the management of your website for ongoing changes to stay relevant and drive updates for SEO purposes.

We have a number of milestones that we set for each month with a set goal we need to attain. Our focus is to build your web presence with a website that is constantly refreshing and staying up to date. This builds trust and excitement for any of the streams we send to you. Beyond your site, we need to find the most qualified traffic from SEO and ads that will have the best chance to turn into clients in your specific area. Click the links below to view some of our favorite client websites.

What is Included

  • Website design / development with software updates
  • 24/7 Support
  • Benchmarking of current search engine rankings
  • Competitor keyword analysis and SEO health-check
  • Comparison benchmarks with industry standards and competitors
  • All updates and changes from you are implemented as needed
  • We work with your compliance department to get your site launched faster

Some of our Website

Vector Capital Management

ECP Private Equity

Beck Bode Wealth Management

SoCo Tax

Awane Insurance

ANinja Contact

Management &


Our ANinja contact relationship software is specially designed by us to work seamlessly with Facebook and your other marketing campaigns. Help maximize lead conversion, client engagement, and retention, with this unbeatable sales automation tool.


  • Consulting to setup Aninja
  • Uploading previously acquired leads
  • Setup of email and text automation
  • Integration with Facebook Ads
  • Integration with your email
  • Integration with your website contact form
  • Technical support

ANinja Features

Say Goodbye To The Days Of Manually Typing Leads Into Your CRM

As leads come in from your website and facebook ads they automatically populate in your ANinja contact management account. Once they populate in your account the software then goes out into the web and pulls back all relevant links associated with that new lead including their social media photos.

Automated Text & Email Follow Up

Once a new lead is entered into your ANinja account the automation begins. Depending on where a new lead comes from – a specific text and email is sent to that new prospect. Once a new lead responds to one of these messages our AI system will intelligently send a response that moves them in a pre-determined direction.

For all of your leads that are not closed initially, they can be entered into a lead nurturing campaign. From there – our AI software will regularly follow up with old leads through text and email.

Call, Text, And Email Manually From Your ANinja Account

Instantly View A Snapshot Of Your Businesses Pipeline And Sales Activity

View the exact number of leads in the pipeline and where they are in the sales process.

View sales activity for the entire organization or by user.

Dedicated Account


Your Point Of Contact

Several years ago I spent nearly 30k on marketing for my financial advisory practice and was overwhelmed with ‘homework’ to the point we never launched a campaign. This learning experience is the main reason we were forced to learn marketing ourselves. In the end we are grateful for the way things turned out because now we are able to provide others in the industry with a service that matches their business.

One of the main solutions we addressed was making sure our clients receive a dedicated account manager. Someone who is there to listen to you and understand exactly what you are looking for in a timely manner. From there they work on your behalf to build out your website and marketing.

The only time you hear from them will be through email to receive approval and feedback on the work they have done for you. Once you give your approval they then launch said material.

We encourage you to utilize your account manager as your own marketing team or to work directly with your own in-house marketing team.

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